Family counseling includes couples issues, parent-child relationship, and family conflicts. I work with the relationship that is brought into my office and therefore I am on the side of your relationship and do not side with individuals. I work with relationships where trust is broken, support is hard to come by, and helplessness settled in place. Therapy will involve exploring, acknowledging, and discovering variety of things about yourself, your partner/child, and your relationship. Sometimes relationships get stuck in an unhelpful pattern and need an adjustment to cope with the underlying issues. This adjustment can be a change in a way an issue is perceived or a physical change that needs to happen. This will look differently for different clients.

How might therapy help you?

  • Develop helpful communication
  • Recognize and replace unhelpful patterns
  • Get unstuck from the cycle that has been created in your family/relationship
  • Recognize past wounds that can potentially interfere with current relationship
  • Amicable seperation
  • Identify attachment patterns
  • Identify love language of each member
  • Resolve disputes about finances, household chores, sex, parenting, and/or religion

Rates for couples and family therapy is $110 dollars per session. Each session is 50 minutes. I recommend an extended session for families and couples which lasts for 1:15 minutes. Usually sessions occur on weekly basis and taper off as you make progress towards your goals.